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Article No.: 100114

For all varnished parquet floors

Floor care product. To protect finished floors. Protects the finished floors by forming a protective layer against fine scratches and wear marks. Prevents preterm wearout and activly prolongs the durability of the surface.


• Maintains the floor’s value and appearance

• Provides long-term protection against wear for the film of varnish

• Can be used without restriction for finished prefabricated parquet flooring

• Recommended by leading industrial parquet flooring manufacturers

• Simple and safe application


Range of use:

Suitable care product for matt and extra-matt-finished parquet and hardwood floors. Also ideal for UV-finished surfaces.


Types of floors

Hardwood and Parquet
10011-400003ParkettCare - Satin1l/5l12/4480/128GE10
10011-400000ParkettCare - Silk-Gloss1l/5l/10l12/4/-480/128/60GE10

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