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WS 2K Duo

WS 2K Duo

High-quality, waterborne, two-component polyurethane finish
Article No.: 11466


Popular for its excellent cost-effectiveness and versatility. Advantages: Highest order of durability! Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Also available with a special anti-slip formula for increased slip-resistance.
Stress zone: very highly frequented areas (Attention! Please observe rule BGR 181 of the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association.)

Emissions-tested building product in accordance with DIBt guidelines.


For gloss levels semi-gloss, matt and anti-slip: Hardener B1
For gloss level extramatt: Hardener B2
For gloss level gloss: Hardener B3


Certified with:

Connected SystemsDIBt-Z-157.10-2Französisches VOC-LabelGEV-EMICODE EC1-R PLUS
Article No.Variant Größe
11466-122WS 2K Duo semi-gloss5kg
11466-115WS 2K Duo semi-gloss1kg
11466-322WS 2K Duo matt5kg
11466-315WS 2K Duo matt1kg
11466-422WS 2K Duo extramatt5kg
11466-222WS 2K Duo glossy5kg
11466-9322WS 2K Duo anti-slip R95kg
11466-10322WS 2K Duo anti-slip R105kg

An old villa given a new shine

The historical herringbone parquet floor was retained not replaced in the careful stripping out and complete refurbishment of a villa in Göttingen. Parkettum Römmich GmbH carried out the works in the...



Coloured beech

The objective of this project was to make the old floor match the colour of the doors and skirting boards of the detached house. After sanding and water popping, the enhancing effect is produced with ...



Old floors restained

The 10-year-old beech flooring was to be renovated and restained as part of this project. The floor was water-popped after sanding off the old finish. The stain LOBADUR® ProColor in Wenge was applied...



Anti-slip Finish at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe

With roundabout 9000 employees, the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) is one of the largest research and teaching institutions worldwide. In the course of the renovation of the listed building,...



Anti-slip properties in Leonberg’s City Hall

The anti-slip properties of high-quality WS 2K Duo anti-slip R9 coating ensures safety under foot. 



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