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WS EasyPrime

WS EasyPrime

Fast-drying primer for roller and trowel application
Article No.: 11036

Suitable for use with practically all European and exotic woods, as well as in sports and multipurpose halls. Very good filling properties, no lap marks, minimal grain raise and reduction of the side-bonding effects of water-based finishes.


Emissions-tested building product in accordance with DIBt guidelines


Certified with:

GEV-EMICODE EC1DIBt-Z-157.10-2U.S. Green Building Council MemberFranzösisches VOC-Label
Article No.Variant Container size
11036-021WS EasyPrime1L

UV renovation in Holland

Ronald McDonald Huis is connected with the Grossklinikum Zentrum Friesland hospital group. The building offers relatives and friends of very ill patients an inexpensive place to stay quite close to...



Villa Dornbirn

Old house meets the latest UV technology. Alterations were performed to the interior of the 200-year-old villa. The seven exclusive apartments were fitted with underfloor heating and high-quality oak...



Anti-slip Finish at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe

With roundabout 9000 employees, the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) is one of the largest research and teaching institutions worldwide. In the course of the renovation of the listed building,...



Anti-slip properties in Leonberg’s City Hall

The anti-slip properties of high-quality WS 2K Duo anti-slip R9 coating ensures safety under foot. 



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