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WS Rush A.T.

WS Rush A.T.

Floors done at the speed of light! The new generation of finishing system
Article No.: 11611

For the onsite application with outstanding scuff, scratch and abrasion resistance, great elasticity and excellent chemical resistance. The curing process is executed with a UV-light curing machine.


In high traffic commercial areas.

Suitable for wood floors.
Can be used to recoat finished wood floors.
Full use of the floor is possible immediately after the curing process. No waiting time.


  • Waterbased UV-coating
  • Excellent scratch resistance and durability
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Extremely low VOC (VOC < 10g/L)
  • Easy application
  • The product flows, feels and can be applied like any other LOBA finish
  • Cures instantly
  • Available as full sand and finish process or as recoating process
  • Ideal for applications where time is critical


Pallet: 60 units


500-700 square feet per gallon


Certified with:

Connected SystemsGEV-EMICODE EC1-R PLUSFranzösisches VOC-Label
Article No.Variant Container size
LO-FI-117WS Rush A.T. - semi-gloss2.5 US gallon
LO-FI-129WS Rush A.T. - satin2.5 US gallon

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