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Article No.: 11517

1K water-based finish. Easy application at the performance of a 2K system. Unique in its class!

LOBADUR® EasyFinish has been inspiring contractors and end users in over 60 countries for many years. The outstanding application features and strong performance combine LOBADUR® EasyFinish to set the absolute benchmark
among 1-component water-based finishes. Enthusiastic contractors and countless pleased end-consumers speak for themselves year after year.


  • Long-lasting beauty of the floor – high resistance to mechanical wear and household chemicals
  • Custom choice of appearance – available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss
  • Simple and convenient care and maintenance
  • Very low emission
  • Time saving – light use after 24 hours, fully cured after only 5 days
  • Easy 1K system combined with 2K performance
  • Outstanding application qualities – easy to use and safe, no lap marks
  • Suitable for almost all wood species as well as cork
  • Very low emission, EMICODE® EC1
  • EasyFinish semi-gloss combined with LOBACARE® SportCare meets the requirements for friction according to DIN 18032 for sports floors.


Special Feature:

Take it easy – LOBADUR® EasyFinish is known for its outstanding application qualities. In combination with the water-based filler EasyFillPro and the universal primer EasyPrime, contractors benefit from the highest level of safety and performance!


Recommended use:

Suitable for wood and cork floors. For heavy traffic residential areas and commercial use.



Case: 4 x 1 US gallon plastic bottle
Pallet: 200 x 1 US gallon plastic bottle


500-600 square feet per gallon



  • Sand and remove dust from the surface properly
  • The use of a primer is recommended (e.g. LOBADUR® EasyPrime)
  • First coat of EasyFinish with LOBATOOL roller Microfibre 100-120 (or T-bar, Trim Pad, Lambswool, Brush)
  • Allow to dry for 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate sanding with grit 150
  • Second coat of EasyFinish with LOBATOOL roller Microfibre 100-120 (or T-bar, Trim Pad, Lambswool, Brush)


Types of floors


Certified with:

Connected SystemsDIBt-Z-157.10-19Französisches VOC-LabelGEV-EMICODE EC1Greenlabel Singapore
Art.-no. Variante
LO-FI-014WS EasyFinish - Semi-gloss1 Gal.4200<205 g/l
LO-FI-012WS EasyFinish - Satin1 Gal.4200<205 g/l
LO-FI-011WS EasyFinish - Glossy1 Gal.4200<205 g/l

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