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Solvent based stain for wood floors. Compatible with all LOBADUR® waterborne finishes.
Article No.: 11525

Recommended Use:
For the professional coloring of wood floors.

  • Reduces side bonding tendency of waterborne finishes
  • Easy application, lap mark free
  • Fade resistant through the use of special colorants
  • No bleed back
  • Soft grain of the wood does not become darker
  • Very high yield


Color variants

ProvincialSpice BrownSedona RedBilingaJacobeanRoyal MahoganyWalnutStrong WhiteAmberGolden OakAntique BrownClassic GreyWeathered OakNeutralMesquite RedEbonyGolden BrownGunstock
Article No.Variant Container size
LO-FI-040Stain - neutral1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-044Stain - spice brown1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-043Stain - sedona red1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-035Stain - bilinga1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-039Stain - mesquite red1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-042Stain - royal mahogany1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-037Stain - golden brown1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-034Stain - amber1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-038Stain - jacobean1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-041Stain - provincial1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-046Stain - walnut1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-036Stain - ebony1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-045Stain - strong white1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-198Stain - golden oak1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-199Stain - antique brown1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-200Stain - classic grey1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-201Stain - weathered oak1 U.S. quart
LO-FI-202Stain - gunstock1 U.S. quart
 File nameLatest update
11525 LOBADUR Stain22-07-2019
 File nameLatest update
ES 11525 Stain US22-07-2019
FR 11525 Stain US22-07-2019
GB 11525 Stain US22-07-2019

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