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Fire protection for flooring

LOBA makes parquet and wood floors flame retardant

In the property sector – e.g. hotels, cinemas, and public venues – components are often subject to very stringent requirements.

Protection to DIN EN 14342

So that you can make your parquet or wood floor a flame retardant surface LOBA has developed a low-emission flame retardant certified by several authorities.

Smoke retardant

The LOBA system changes the way that parquet and wood floors react to fire, delaying the formation of smoke, which is otherwise particularly serious and life-threatening. This gives the emergency services more time to evacuate affected rooms and areas.

Proactive fire protection with LOBA

Parquet and wood floor installers, planners and architects, general contractors and property developers can easily meet requirements for flame retardant flooring by using our Sealer FR. 

Our flame retardant Sealer FR is applied in a "sandwich" process between the primer and topcoat. 

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