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PreTone - diverse colors

PreTone - diverse colors

Article No.: 10612

Water-based pigment stain for intensifying the color under colored oils.

 New colors: mocha and steel!


Water-based coloring system to enhance, customize or intensify the color of LOBASOL® HS 2K ImpactOil Color or in combination with LOBADUR® HS 2K IntensiveColorA.T. in combination with LOBADUR® finishes.


Recommended Use:

On sanded wood floors prior to the application of LOBASOL® HS 2K ImpactOil Color or LOBADUR® HS 2K IntensiveColor A.T.. LOBASOL® PreTone colors can be mixed at any ratio to achieve custom colors.


  • Allows an infinite amount of customization
  • Intesifies ligther colors
  • Reduces oil-specific ambering
  • Simple and safe application
  • Solvent-free and odor-neutral
  • Unlimited color combinations


Available in 5 colors:

  • white
  • brown
  • black
  • steel
  • mocha





Application video

Types of floors


Color variants

PreTone + ImpactOil SandPreTone white + ImpactOil Antique OakPreTone white + ImpactOil BilingaPreTone white + ImpactOil ChalkPreTone white + ImpactOil ClayPreTone white + ImpactOil IronPreTone white + ImpactOil JatobaPreTone white + ImpactOil KambalaPreTone white + ImpactOil MahagoniPreTone white + ImpactOil OysterPreTone white + ImpactOil PapyrusPreTone white + ImpactOil PearlPreTone white + ImpactOil RäuchereichePreTone white + ImpactOil SchwarzPreTone white + ImpactOil SilverPreTone white + ImpactOil SucupiraPreTone white + ImpactOil WhitePreTone white + ImpactOil Wenge
Item-#: Variante
LO-FI-237PreTone white2,5 L00
LO-FI-237PreTone white100 ml00
LO-FI-241PreTone brown2,5 L00
LO-FI-241PreTone brown100 ml00
LO-FI-240PreTone black2,5 L00
LO-FI-240PreTone black100 ml00
10612-700015-18-250PreTone steel2,5 L00
10612-700015-03-250PreTone steel100 ml00
10612-700008-18-250PreTone mocha 2,5 L00
10612-700008-03-250PreTone mocha 100 ml00

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