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Anti-slip parquet

Safe surfaces for work areas

Non-slip and anti-slip flooring is the best guarantee of effective accident prevention.

Especially in public venues and workplaces, floors must be anti-slip to minimize the risk of an accident. Anti-slip requirements are governed by DIN EN 16165. LOBA is a trailblazer in the development of anti-slip varnishes and oils for parquet and wood floors.

Our certified, low-emission systems meet R9 and R10 slip ratings for varnished and oiled wood surfaces. Slip ratings (R) are classified into various slip resistance groups and determined by laboratory tests.


R9 parquet and wood floors are used in public foyers and reception areas, work areas, break and recreation rooms, company restaurants and similar locations.


Group R10 has a higher anti-slip rating which is used, for example, for school and pre-school bathroom floors or food tech labs. R10 is also recommended for accessible rooms.

System for oiled floors

2K ImpactOil transparent

High-solid penetrating oil-based on natural ingredients.

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2K ImpactOil Color Various Colors

A durable 2-Component high-solid oil for hardwood flooring based on natural ingredients.

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