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Family & network

The tighter our teamwork, the greater your success

From Product Development, Application Engineering and Production, to Finance and Administration, to Logistics, Sales and Marketing, all our departments are under one roof at our head office in Ditzingen. The fact that we can work together closely in a family atmosphere is just one of Team Orange's key success factors.

The international LOBA Group includes our head office, worldwide subsidiaries and joint ventures. We also nurture a network of international partners and cooperate with a diverse range of organizations.

The LOBA team: we bring out the best in each other!

As a 130-strong team worldwide, we have one common goal: to stay "On Top" for your benefit, bringing you the best products and outstanding service, day after day.

We know that ambitious goals are only achievable through teamwork.

Our family-run, international and multicultural business thrives on diversity. That includes our employees' families, too – especially our LOBA kids! And just as every piece of parquet is an essential part of the finished product, every one of our people makes a valuable contribution to our overall success.

Our network – a strong connection

The LOBA Group: a strong connection

In 2018, LOBA became a majority-owned subsidiary of Wakol GmbH, a successful international manufacturer of flooring installation materials, industrial adhesives and sealing compounds.

In 2015, the ARDEX Group – a global leader in special high-grade chemical components for the construction industry – bought a majority holding in family enterprise Wakol, which means that LOBA is also part of the ARDEX Group's international network.

The LOBA Group – our subsidiaries and joint ventures

Produced in Germany – made for the world The LOBA Group has an intercompany network including regional businesses LOBA-Wakol do Brasil, Brazil and LOBA Trading Shanghai, China, and joint ventures LOBA-Wakol LLC, North America and LOBA-Wakol Polska, Poland.

  • Wakol GmbH, Austria, Wakol Adhesa, Switzerland
  • Wakol Foreco, Italy
  • ARDEX Ireland, Ireland
  • ARDEX Cemento, Spain
  • ARDEX SEA, Southeast Asia

  • OOO LAKILINK, Russia
  • Zimbo‘s Trading, South Africa
  • Inversiones MAC, Chile
  • Amorim Cork Flooring, Portugal
  • SC Executiv Trading, Romania
  • LOBA Australasia, Australia/New Zealand
  • Lecol Chemie, Netherlands/Belgium/UK
  • Ardex Cemento, S.A., Spain
  • ARDEX AB, Sweden

Our cooperative partnerships – together we achieve greater things!

LOBA cooperates with a host of partners, from product activities with Wakol to membership of many professional associations, plus support for young talent and valuable initiatives.

LOBA Wakol Connected Systems: A strong connection for your success

Our tried and tested systems are based on LOBA varnishes and oils/waxes and Wakol adhesives that are designed to work perfectly together for guaranteed success. When professionally applied, there are no chemical reactions (or their unpleasant consequences) to deal with. Our Connected Systems adhesive and finish formulas are made up of specially selected components for perfect compatibility.

Memberships: Guilds and associations

Here's a list of the associations and guilds to which LOBA belongs. We regularly attend in-person events and look forward to meeting you!

  • Landesinnung Parkett und Fußbodentechnik Schleswig-Holstein
  • Kreishandwerkerschaft Vechta
  • Landesinnung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Hamburg
  • Innung für Parkett- Fußbodentechnik Nordost
  • Kreishandwerkerschaft Stade, Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Münster
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Hannover, Hildesheim, Braunschweig
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Detmold
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Arnsberg
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Düsseldorf
  • Innung der Parkett- und Bodenleger Bonn, Köln, Aachen
  • Landesinnung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Hessen
  • Bezirksinnung Parkett und Fußbodentechnik Koblenz-Trier
  • Innung Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Pfalz-Rheinhessen-Saarland
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Baden-Württemberg – Nord und Süd
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Schwaben
  • Innung für Parkettlegerhandwerk und Fußbodentechnik Mittel- und Oberfranken
  • Innung für Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Unterfranken
  • Innung Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Lower Bavaria/Oberpfalz
  • Innung Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik Munich/Oberbayern

  • BIV – Bundesverband Parkett und Fußbodentechnik – Parkettlegerhandwerk und Bodenlegergewerbe
  • CTA – Chemisch-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Parkettschutz
  • German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) e.V.
  • Bundesverband Parkett und Fußbodentechnik
  • Holzland
  • FRT – European Cleaning and Hygiene Technology Research Association (Europäische Forschungsgemeinschaft Reinigungs- und Hygienetechnologie e.V.)
  • FHR – Fachhandelsring GmbH
  • SAWLFA – Southern African Wood, Laminate & Flooring Association
  • VCI – Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.
  • VDP – Verband der Deutschen Parkettindustrie e.V.
  • VILF – Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches e.V.
  • Zentralverband Parkett und Fußbodentechnik
  • Zentralverband Bundesfachgruppe Parkett

Promoting young talent

Get your career off to a flying start with intensive, first-hand specialist expertise! We love sharing our knowledge, by running master classes at vocational colleges, for example.

  • Ehingen, Gelsenkirchen, Giessen and Neustadt Aisch vocational colleges
  • Supporting member of the "Floor Trades" training initiative at the German Parquet and Wood Floor Association (Zentralverband Parkett und Fußbodentechnik – ZVPF) funding body.

Other partnerships

Whether for good causes or to showcase our products online, for customers such as architects and interior designers, we work with a whole series of other institutions, initiatives and companies.

Workcamp Parquet

Parkettleger on Tour e.V.

Raumprobe – physical and online materials library, Stuttgart

Mit Abstand am Besten (By far the best)

Produced in Germany – made for the world! Targeted innovation, immense passion and technical expertise has made LOBA one of the leading global suppliers in the industry.
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