Inspiration & application

Inspiration & application for parquet and wood flooring

Stunning looks and special requirements

LOBA customers have been using our products to design, finish, clean and care for parquet and wood floors for 100 years. Flooring is so versatile – there are endless ways to create an amazing new look. And of course, we supply technical solutions for the public and commercial sectors too. Whatever the challenge, we'll help you meet it.

Durability, aesthetics or function: the choice is yours

Range of use and design options

Use our environmentally friendly oils and finishes to bring out the natural beauty and hues of wood surfaces or to color your flooring. LOBA products can make your flooring last longer, protect it from fire and optimize its anti-slip properties.

Useful, practical application tips

Discover the latest trends and capitalize on our expertise with tips and tricks on installing parquet and wood floors and on how to keep them looking their best throughout their lifecycle.


Get the look! From cool industrial styles to colorful highlights or a classy rustic look for your parquet: ideas for stunning floors

Special requirements demand special treatment!

Don't take any chances: LOBA supplies the perfect product for every application area.

Highlights from our references

A picture paints a thousand words. Our references - diverse and inspiring!

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