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The perfect surface to suit bespoke quality requirements

Happy customers, naturally beautiful, healthful surfaces and a wide spectrum of colours – LOBA Industrial stands for all this and much more. Why not benefit yourself from our years of experience in high-quality wood surface finishing? Thrill your customers with our LOBA Industrial systems!

Support is a top priority for us

We personally assist you in creating your ready-made parquet floors, catering to your specific requests, requirements and systems – with expertise and in line with the most demanding technical standards. Our service includes everything up to on-site technical support.

Over the entire life cycle

And even further LOBA surfaces are not only beautiful and long-lasting; they can also be perfectly renovated even after many years thanks to their special properties and our diverse systems – for a long parquet life.

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Leiter Vertrieb Industrial
Head of Industrial Sales

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Quick-drying, invisible coating, the natural look – there are so many options. 

Whatever your requirements, or those of your end customers, we bring your desired surface to life and provide skilled, professional support for easy mechanical application.

Colour design

A colourful range with HardwaxOil Next: Base colours as ingredients for your colour recipes, as well as ready-made traditional and trend colours. Putting together your bespoke collection is child’s play with the LOBA colour mixing system.

Raw-wood look

Just like hand-crafted parquet: your finished parquet will boast the natural look of untreated wood, the renowned invisible touch. What’s more, quick-drying UV technology gives it a high load-bearing capacity.

HardwaxOil surfaces

The oil-infused hard wax preserves the wood’s natural look while providing a highly resistant surface.

Fast and transparent 

It dries fast enough for you apply two coats in a single day – all this while ruling out yellowing. 

Natural effect with a touch of white

For an attractive Scandinavian, raw-wood look with the natural feel of an oil-finished surface.

Extra protection

As a water-based UV system, HardwaxOil Protect cares for wood floors just as well as finished surfaces can.

UV surfaces

Wood or cork surfaces processed using UV technology combine numerous advantages, including rapid drying and high durability.

An oiled look and feel with time factor

Benefit from short processing time.

UV for small systems

High durability, even with small systems.

Low-emission for cork

The water-based system finish enables low-emission processing and ensures a healthful room climate.

Water-based surfaces

As always, LOBA is a sustainability and performance pioneer with its water-based systems.

Sustainably finished wood floors

The most sustainable solution for the processor and the end customer. 

Colouring cork floors the sustainable way

You can colour cork without difficulty thanks to the tannin blocker in our water-based system.

Strong partners for your success!

Service and consultation are firmly encoded in our DNA

You can rely on us as a strong partner which can do far more for you than simply supplying products. Our service ranges from technical support and consultation with regard to colours, care and cleaning options to further training offers and marketing for your customers.

Service on the system

Whether your industrial coating job is a wood or cork floor, we deliver top-class support for all coating services. We cooperate with various coating system manufacturers to help you configure your system perfectly. 

Keep on the ball with us

We also offer in-house workshops to extend your knowledge about colours, recipes, and care or cleaning recommendations for every surface. What’s more, we have a worldwide network to take care of your after-sales requirements.

Any colour you wish

Picking the colour for your wood floor is entirely up to you, but you are not alone. Simply choose from our base colours and modify them to suit your taste. Our experienced team of professionals can help you with a wealth of technical expertise and tips, either by interacting directly with you or through in-house workshops.

Care and cleaning for a perfect surface

Surfaces deserve good care and cleaning so they can continue shining with natural beauty for years to come. Not every product is a good fit for every surface. Ask us! Our experienced experts are at your disposal at any time.

A strong pair

We and our partner Wakol have for many years been bundling our key areas of expertise in processing wood and cork floors, including in the area of industrial coating. Our LOBA Wakol Connected Systems are fully compatible, tested and certified complete systems with the added benefit of the greatest possible specialist expertise from LOBA and Wakol. 

Do even more for your end customers!

Our specially developed Home cleaning and care products ensure ready-made parquet floors finished with LOBA Industrial will last for a very long time. Our globally active network of professional LOBA craftsmen is at your disposal if you need help renovating.

Discover product recommendations for your end customers.
Customer feedbackWe really value the service we get from LOBA. No matter what we need, their expert support staff are on the spot right away. It’s fun, saves us time and has already garnered us favour with many of our customers.
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