Inspiration & application Finishing parquet with UV

Finishing parquet with UV varnish

UV on-site system – for projects that can't wait

LOBA's water-based UV system leaves parquet and wood floors ready to use in no time.

Low-emission and anti-slip

Our one-component Rush water-based finish cures in seconds by means of ultraviolet (UV) light. Our anti-slip two-component variant, which is very low-emission (EMICODE EC1 Plus), is of particular interest for projects where restoring public access quickly is a priority, such as shops, restaurants, museums, showrooms, hotels, cafeterias, and schools.

Scratch- and chemical-resistant

This manual finish, cured with a portable UV lamp, is equally impressive in terms of its extraordinary resistance to scratches and chemicals as well as its high elasticity.

No downtime

Developed in cooperation with the prestigious Dresden Institute of Wood Technology, the system cuts downtime to a minimum – ideal for the property sector.


Our UV varnish for parquet and wood floors, rated outstanding by materials agency raumPROBE, is available in a matte or semi-matte finish.


UV varnish is also a fast, long-lasting solution for parquet renovations.


We have developed anti-slip system versions for rating groups R9 and R10.

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