Product innovation: LOBADUR® Whitener

The additive for brightening wood surfaces – versatile, easy to use and solvent-free

[Translate to US-English:] LOBADUR® Whitener – für eine frische und edle Optik. Foto: LOBA

[Translate to US-English:] LOBADUR® Whitener – für eine frische und edle Optik. Foto: LOBA

A bright floor looks fresh, elegant and optically enlarges the room. LOBA’s new product LOBADUR® Whitener brings brightness to parquet and wooden floors, just in time for the sunny season: The solvent-free additive (GISCODE W1) achieves uniform brightening of the wood surface when added to waterborne LOBADUR® primers and finishes. The variable application in one or more layers makes the system extremely flexible and offers numerous design options. Whitener is compatible with all LOBADUR® finishes. The addition of Whitener preserves all the properties of LOBADUR® finishes in their proven form. So, for instance, anti-slip properties according to BGR 181, a certain gloss level or, in combination with 2K InvisibleProtect A.T., the natural grace and structure of an untreated surface can be achieved. “During the development of the Whitener, great importance was attached to safe and simple application,” says Dr. Wolfgang Ehmann, head of product development at LOBA. The brightening intensity of the versatile Whitener can be controlled individually and reliably – from a reduced grain accentuation to a strong brightening.


LOBADUR® Whitener is also recommended in combination with light colored wood and intensifies the whitening effect of white colored surfaces. In addition to the attractive brightening using white pigments, Whitener also reduces the natural yellowing of wood. Claus Wissutschek, head of the LOBA application technology, emphasizes: “With minimal application effort, Whitener achieves an elegant look which is absolutely in line with the latest trends and – depending on the sealing system used – meets a wide range of requirements.” It is completely odorless and protects the environment.

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