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Even degree of gloss and full appearance
Article No.: 10508

Natural hardwaxoil. High-quality, layer-building oils accentuate the natural look of the wood and at the same time achieve excellent resistance to dirt and water.

  • Film-forming, wear-resistant
  • Even, rich surface appearance
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • Simple and safe application
  • Accentuates the natural beauty of the wood

Range of use:
Suitable for parquet, wood and cork flooring. Anti-slip as per BGR 181 and DIN 51130 evaluation group R10. Suitable for virtually all types of European and exotic timber. Note the LOBA wood types list, which can be found at If in doubt, consult the factory


Anti-slipping class acc. to BGR 181

BGR 181 - R10

Certified with:

DIBt-Z-157.10-193DIN EN 71-3 geeignet für Kinderspielzeug
Article No.Variant Größe
10508-000003Markant Matt0,75l
10508-000003Markant Matt2,5l
10508-000003Markant Matt5l
10508-000004Markant Extramatt0,75l
10508-000004Markant Extramatt2,5l
10508-000004Markant Extramatt5l
10508-000004Markant Semigloss0,75l
10508-000004Markant Semigloss2,5l
10508-000004Markant Semigloss5l

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